Hawk’s Landing Men’s Club Rules and Regulations 2016 Season


I. Membership Eligibility


1.      The acceptance of membership in the HLCC Men’s Club shall bind each member to uphold all provisions of the By-Laws and other rules made by the HLCC Men’s Club and to accept and enforce all rules and decisions of the Executive Board acting within its jurisdiction.


II. Dues and Handicaps

1.      All members must complete an application for membership and have paid their dues prior to participating in any of HLCC Men’s Club events. These dues will cover the costs of obtaining and maintaining our web site, our tournament program, bonding, Hole-in-1 insurance and other expenses as well as your CSGA handicap.

2.      All members must obtain and maintain a valid Connecticut State Golf Association (CSGA) Handicap Card through the Hawks Landing Country Club. If you do not have a full membership of Hawks Landing Country Club or  have a mulligan membership this cost is included in the $90 non-member   HLCC Men’s Club annual dues. HLCC Member's dues for  HLCC FULL&FULL SENIOR MEMBERSHIP is $50.

3.      Handicaps for upcoming weekend tournaments will be determined by your posted handicap effective the Wednesday prior to tournament. When a tournament event is held over a period of weeks, the handicap determined at the beginning of the tournament will be enforce through out the tournament event


III. Club Play – Assessments – Starting times

 1.      The HLCC Men’s Club shall play by the current USGA and CSGA Rules of Golf, except as modified by Hawks Landing Country Club, the HLCC Men’s Club Rules Committee or individual event rules as published by the Tournament Committee. All events and Tournaments shall be played from each member’s choice of tee box with the member’s handicap adjusted for that tee box. Any HLCC Men’s Club member upon reaching their 70th birthday or age and handicap of 90 has the option of playing from the Gold tee box.

 2.      Each week the HLCC Men’s Club schedules a golfing event or Tournament  on Sunday for all the members. Event formats will vary each week (Single Gross + Single Net Tournaments can be played between 6+10 the Tournament Committee will determine the teams if the event is a blind draw and will assign all starting times. Requests for early or late starting times will be addressed on a case by case basis, when individual events are scheduled. The weekly non- Major events have an entry fee of $10.00           

3.      HLCC Men’s Club Members must sign up for each week’s scheduled event (posted on the bulletin board). Sign-up for tournaments can be made preferably through the web site link Web Site Link: www.hlccmc.com (Go to drop down box fill out and hit send).  Post your name on the Sign-up Sheet at Pro Shop. (Please write legibly with first and last names when signing up.) Call Tournament Director Daie Akerley (860-637-2603 or Email: mdcon@comcast.com) or Asst Director Ken Prigodich (860-209-1349 or Email: kprigodich@comacast.net)THURSDAY prior to tournament.  Tournament Chairman may grant exceptions.(PLEASE SIGN UP AS SOON AS YOU CAN - IT WILL MAKE OUR JOB EASIER)


4.      If you have signed up to play in a scheduled tournament where playing groups have been assigned and you are UNABLE TO PLAY, you must NOTIFY the tournament director as soon as possible by saturday3:00pm the latest so that an alternate may be found.  Continuous occurrences of missing assigned tournaments in which the member has made a commitment may result in penalties. If you miss your Tee Time you will be moved back to the first available slot if there are any. 

5.      New members who have yet to record a sufficient number of rounds for a USGA Handicap (10 rounds) must obtain a valid handicap from the Tournament/Handicap Committee Chairman in order to participate in any HLCC Men’s Club net or handicap event. You must have an Official USGA Handicap to play in any of the Major Tournaments

6.      Playing conditions for tournaments will be posted in the Pro Shop. CSGA, USGA and local HLCC Men’s Club Rules govern tournament play. (e.g. Play it up or play it down)        

During course of play once you begin your round, you must finish on the same day unless the course is deemed unplayable and closed by the management.  The club officers committee will determine making up round or finishing suspended rounds. 

7.      A member of the playing group must post tournament Scores in the Pro Shop computer and posted as a tournament if applicable. All cards must be signed and attested by playing partners in the group. ALL signed/attested cards must be placed in the box with players names clearly printed
8.      The three Major Tournaments sponsored by the HLCC Men’s Club are open to all members of the HLCC Men’s Club as well as others determined by HLCC Men’s Club, The Majors are: HLCC Men’s Club Match Play; HLCC Men’s Club Member/Member; HLCC Men’s Club; Club/ Club Senior Championship.
9.      To participate in the HLCC Men’s Club Major Tournaments, HLCC Men’s Club Members must have played in at least FIVE club tournaments and have an established handicap, with the exception of Match play only needs 3 club tournaments and established handicap. 

10.      In the case of TIES for the non - Major events, places will be determined by matching cards. This is for both Match Play and Stroke Play. The first tiebreaker will be the best score of the last 9 holes (10 - 18). If there is still a tie the next tiebreaker will be the last 6 holes (13-18). If still tied the third tiebreaker will be the last 3 holes (16-18). The fourth tiebreaker will be the last hole (18). If this doesn't produce a winner, ties will be decided by matching cards from the first handicap hole until a winner is decided. ALL MAJOR TOURNAMENTS WILL BE DECIDED BY SUDDEN DEATH PLAYOFF STARTING ON THE FIRST HOLE

11.  Rules questions will be referred to and resolved by the Rules Committee. When you come in with a rules problem try to tell the Committee what happened, not who was involved. If you are in doubt of a particular rule, you should properly play two (2) balls and report the circumstance to the Rules Committee. Remember, you must declare to your opponent what ball you will be using for your score if the rules allow it.

12. In case of inclement weather, a tournament may be cancelled by the Tournament Committee and rescheduled at a later date, providing there is an open date available. Otherwise, once play has begun, players must complete their competitive round on the day they have signed up to play unless Club Management closes the course. In the case of a temporary weather delay, players should remain at the course and be ready to resume play as long as Club Management has determined that the course will be ready for resumption of play within a reasonable time.  




HLCC Men’s Club Match Play Championship Blue(IF WE HAVE ENOUGH PLAYERS)White,Gold


This is an individual NET Match Play event played until a winner is decided. 

The following match play events will be paired according to the USGA Handicap Index of each player.  The Lowest Net vs. Highest net, Second lowest vs. second highest net, and so forth until all the players are paired.  If two players have the same Handicap Index, a blind draw will be used to make the pairings.  The first round of Match Play will be completed within 2 weeks and any additional rounds will be played within a 2 weeks interval until a winner is determined. All match play rounds will be planned with the consideration of the players, but failure to play within 2 weeks will not be tolerated and will result in a disqualification.


Entrance fee will be twenty dollars ($ 25.00).


Hawk’s Landing Men’s Club Member/Member Club Championship (Gross and Net Champions)


This is a two- (2) day/36 holes event playedSUN/SUN.  If you cannot play both days, DO NOT SIGN-UP! Teams will have a combined total handicap(TO BE SET BY LEAGUE MEAN) or higher. The gross and net score of each team member is combined each of the two days and the two day total is your Tournament score.


Entrance fee will be twenty dollars ($25.00/member).


Hawk’s Landing Men’s Club /Club Championship (Gross and Net Champions)(IT MAY BE CHANGED TO SUNDAY+ SUNDAY TO BE VOTED ON)


This is a two- (2) day/36 holes event  played in a single weekend (Sat/Sun).  If you cannot play both days, DO NOT SIGN-UP!  This is an individual GROSS and an individual NET Tournament.  The gross and net score of both days are combined to reach a total Tournament score.  You cannot win in BOTH gross and net. 


Entrance fee will be twenty dollars ($ 25.00). 


Hawk’s Landing Men’s Club Senior Club Championship (Gross and Net Champions)


This Tournament is limited to anyone who is sixty- (60) years old or older.

This is a two- (2) day/36 holes event played in a single weekend (Sat/Sun).  If you cannot play both days, DO NOT SIGN-UP!  This is an individual GROSS and NET Tournament.  The gross and net score of both days are combined to reach a total gross and total net Tournament score.  You cannot win in BOTH gross and net. 


Entrance fee will be twenty dollars ($ 25.00).


12. BE ADVISED:  You must be familiar with the Rules of Golf.  If you make a mistake or proceed improperly because you did not know or understand the rule, you face the possibility of disqualification from the current week’s event and/or Tournament.



Kickers:  A number will be drawn between zero (0) and nine (9).  If your gross score’s last digit equals that number, you will win a percentage of the prize pool in Pro Shop credit.  The percentage of winnings is based on the actual number of participants sharing the drawn number.  Ties split.  ($1.00).


Closest to the Pin:  Holes #2 -- #12 -- #16.  The individual closest to the pin on the green with their tee shot will win the appropriate allocation in the prize pool in pro shop credit. ($1.00).


Sweeps:  The best gross score and the best net score will share in the prize pool based on the number of entries (refer to the matrix chart).  You CANNOT win in both gross and net categories.  Winnings paid in pro shop credit.  ($2.00).  Tournaments with  Scrambles or alternate shots games will be team PAY OUTS OF $8.



V. Meetings, Officers, and Committees


1)      There shall be a minimum of two (2) general membership meetings each year.  One (1) meeting at the end of the season (Fall Meeting) and one (1) prior to the start of the season (Spring Meeting).  Special meetings may be called from time to time as the need indicates.


2)      The election of President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Tournament Committee / Handicap Chairman shall be conducted at the end of the season meeting (Fall Meeting), and they shall serve through the next season.  Other committees shall be elected as needed, at the spring membership meeting and they shall serve through the season.  Any HLCC Men’s Club member may be elected or placed on a committee provided they have been a member in good standing for at least one year.



1)      The Tournament Committee according to the number of entrants and their Handicap Index decide flights.  Example:  If 24 members sign up, the twelve (12) lowest Handicaps would be assigned to the “A” Flight, and the next twelve (12) to the “B” Flight, we may extend to a “C” and “D” flight if participation warrants.  In the event of tied Handicaps, the lowest Handicap Index number will play in the lower flight.


VI. Rules and Regulations


All HLCC MEN’S CLUB members must properly observe the Rules and regulations of the HAWK’S LANDING COUNTRY CLUB and the HLCC MEN’S CLUB.  All members should be at the Club 20 to 30 minutes prior to their tee time.


VII. Local Rules


Any Construction equipment or debris left over on the course is an immovable obstruction.  Relief can be taken as such.  The player shall lift the ball and drop it within one club length of and not nearer the hole than the nearest point of rel

Any new plants or trees marked as such are ground under repair.  The player shall lift the ball and drop it within one club length of and not nearer the hole than the nearest point of relief.


Out of Bounds:

Hole 1:  Left side past homeowners fence and out of bounds markers.

      Hole 2:  Right side marked by old fence, or fence posts.

      Hole 3:  Right side marked by chain link fence.

      Hole 5:  Left side marked by chain link fence.

      Hole 7:  Left side marked by old fence, or fence posts.

      Hole 8:  Left side marked by old fence, or fence posts.

      Hole 10: Right and left sides past homeowners fence and out of bounds markers.

      Hole 11: Right side of trees on property line.

      Hole 13: Left side marked by property line.

      Hole 14: Left side of chain link fence.

      Hole 15: Right side up on top of ridge marked by old fence, or fence posts.

Hole 16: Left side of property line. Right side marked by old fence, or fence    posts.

      Hole 17: Right side of property line marked by logs, markers and fences.


Lateral Water Hazard:

Hole 17: Water directly in front of tee is a water hazard.  The water going up the left side is a Lateral Water Hazard.  The ball must touch land past the water hazard before going into the lateral water to be considered in the lateral water.


NOTE:  To eliminate disputes, you MUST MARK YOUR BALL and show your markings to the members of the group on the first tee.



Appendix -- Changes to HLCC Men’s Club Rules


The following are amendments to the current bylaws of the HLCC Men’s Club:


1)            Playing from the Golden Tees.  This will be an option for members of the Men’s Club age 70 and older or age+hdcp=90.  This is optional and the choice of the player.  Handicaps will be adjusted for those players choosing to play from the Gold Tees.  Members participating in Major Tournaments will not be allowed to  play from the Golden Tees. 

2)            Handicap Maximum.  The maximum handicap for all players will be 36 for weekly tournaments except Majors. The Maximum handicap for Majors will be 36.  This will be the limit for all tournaments.  This new rule will need to be voted by the Men’s Club Membership.


Tee Times.  The Men’s Club will play in block tee times.